Hi, I'm Tim!

Current Research

I'm a third-year Computer Science PhD student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, advised by professor Satish Narayanasamy. I also work closely with professors Reetu Das and David Blaauw. My current work is on improving the accuracy of nanopore-based genome sequencing. I'm having a BLAST applying algorithms and machine learning to genome molecular biology, working with cutting-edge technology and applying my expertise in a new field: genomics!


My undergraduate majors were EE and CS at Clarkson University, where I performed research with professors Sean Banerjee and Natasha Banerjee as part of the TARS research group. You can find a brief overview of the research I've worked on here, in addition to my Honors Thesis!


I write programs for fun as well as for work. You can check out a few of my cool projects here! In the past, I have also taken part in math competitions, competitive programming, and CTFs. Most afternoons you can find me outdoors. In the winter I'll be nordic skiing, but when there's no snow on the ground I enjoy rowing, running, biking, bouldering, hiking, rollerskiing, swimming, or playing volleyball or tennis. My favorite hobbies are reading and juggling, and I'm currently working on juggling 7 balls!