I was originally motivated to create this website for two distinct reasons: to create an online presence where I can showcase previous work to potential employers, and so that I can write about programming projects and refer to them later.

Internship Applications

I have found CS internship applications incredibly difficult. They are easy to complete, but it's nearly impossible to stand out. Many applications only require uploading a resume, and most of the time companies just never respond. I suspect that they use an automated filtering process, and given the ease of applying, there are likely hundreds of applications for each available position. I am looking for a way to differentiate myself from other candidates and get an interview, and this website is a good way to do so. After working on so many cool projects, I would like to be able to publicly share some of the results!

CTF Write-ups

When I try to gain expertise in a new domain, I prefer to read numerous sources online and take notes on what I have learned. Recently I have been participating in CTF challenges, but without having a place to write down what I have learned from each experience, I often forget the key ideas from past challenges. This website allows me to consolidate my knowledge for my own personal review and simultaneously help others. I plan to keep write-ups password-protected where applicable.

Looking Forwards...

Over time, this website will likely shift in purpose as I complete my CS PhD and my interests change. I will continue to share cool personal projects and lessons learned along the way, and may decide to add features such as commenting and an RSS feed later.